In Brisbane with Saxon Air

May 15, 2016

In Brisbane with Saxon Air

Part 1 - 14/05/16
Hi Guys,

Saxon Air here, number 91 for the Sydney Bears! Making the trip to Brissie is a new one for many on the team, including me.

The early morning flight redeemed itself with a crying-baby free trip the whole way up. Road trips are always a good time and make the most of every moment. Everyone retreating to shorts as soon as we could with Brissie giving us it's finest weather.

Just have to find a nice spag Bol before the game and we will be ready to roll for tonight's big clash against the ice, but not before a game of death ball!

See you guys out on the ice! 


Part 2 - 14/05/16
Hi Guys, 

Saxon again, even though the game didn't finish as we would have liked, the boys really dug deep and had a killer game all the way through.

Coming back from 2-0 down to evening it up in the third, thanks to Ryan and Landa. It was good to get the team all together afterwards for a nice feed overlooking the rink and being able to wind down after an intense game for the guys!

Just time now for some good ole R&R and bring it all again tomorrow!

See you at the rink! 


Part 3 - 15/05/2016

Well how would I describe this road trip? This weekend was one of ups and downs.

Up- The team came together nicely and we really started playing some of the best hockey we have been all season.
Down - the score didn't go the way we would have liked. Both games being so close right down to the buzzer.  
Up - The Brisbane fans really came out in their full colours and made for an awesome weekend all round.
Down - leaving the warm weather for a rather late & delayed flight home.

 Brisbane was a killer weekend and hope to do it again soon!

See you at the Bears Den this Saturday against the Newcastle North Stars! Puck drops at 5pm. 

Saxon Air is sponsored by Kennedy Barnden Chartered Accountants.

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