Meet the Players: #4 Cameron Todd

November 01, 2016

Meet the Players: #4 Cameron Todd


What other teams/leagues have you played for? And what have you noticed are the main differences in the leagues?
I played juniors in the US in the WSHL for the San Diego Gulls. That was a typical North American hockey players fitting to system and executing that system as best as possible a real grind type of league. Then last year played in Swedish division 2 for Nacka HK that's was a really great place to play very high skill level and a much more open European style game, in my opinion the hockey in Sweden has the perfect combination of the euro finesse and North American grit. 

How did you get into hockey originally, and at what age?
I started playing roller hockey at the rink in caringbah at 8 because my dad played so being around the rink just picked up a stick, then when the rink closed made the jump to ice hockey. 

Why did you choose your number?
I've actually forgotten how I chose my number I think it was the only one left on a team I played on and just stuck with it.

What are your hopes for your hockey career?
Right now Im hoping to continue my studies and play college hockey in the US after that I would like to give pro hockey a crack in Europe somewhere hopefully Sweden again. 

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?
I'm not sure whether it's a ritual or superstition or purely habit I get dressed from left to right every time. 

Have you had any hockey-related injuries, and if so, what happened?
I've had plenty most recently separated shoulder 2 years ago and a fractured patella (knee cap) last year. Both were from awkward hits. 

Who is your favourite NHL team & player?
Ducks and favorite player is Ryan Kesler. Great player.


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